Jim Roberts

Game and Asset Developer

Hello! I’m currently developing FishMMO. An open source modular MMO template framework using Fish-Networking and Unity3D.  

About Fish MMO

The Fish MMO framework is heavily inspired by games like EverQuest and Ultima Online. The goal is to create an easy-to-use template for building massive multiplayer games.
There is currently a Login, World, and Scene server type with plans for more.

Login Server:
Scalable Design, multiple login servers can be launched at the same time to help with load balancing. The client simply needs a list of servers.
Account Authentication
Account Global Character Creation (Characters can be used on any World)
Character Selection/Deletion
World Server Selection, the login server reads World Server details from the database instead of keeping a socket open to the world servers.

World Server:
Account Authentication
Relay Server type that handles Scene-to-Scene Server communication
Scene Server initial load balancing

Scene Server:
Cluster node design, multiple scene servers can connect to a single World Server. Game logic is all handled on the Scene level.
Account Authentication
Load Balancing
Multi Scene Stacking (Currently supports 100 players per Scene)
Chat System (World, Region, Party, Guild, Tell, Trade, and Say)
Party System
Guild System
Character Inventory System
Server Authoritative Kinematic Character Controller with Client Side Prediction

Fish MMO Guides